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Eliminate any worries about finding a freight car, coming to CargoLink, delivery and receipt are now simpler than ever!
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Why choose CargoLink
Competitive Service Price
Thanks to the optimal backhauling, freight on CargoLink services is reduced by 10 to 30% compared to normal. All costs are transparent displayed right on your application.
Fast & Convenient Matching
All transportation requests are easily and quickly connected with a network of trucks all over the country
Easy and Reliable Services
Knowing the driver's information, receipts are updated instantly via mobile application, you are assured of the safety and integrity of the goods.
Enjoy delivery with CargoLink
Connect to the car with just a few simple steps
Send transportation requests or contact a convenient vehicle to choose the best price from the Owner. Please provide lots of information about the goods to get the most competitive price!
Choose quote and delivery
The owner of the car has sent a quote! You can freely choose a vehicle according to the following criteria: vehicle price, vehicle type, quality of service
Easy to track
The driver's position is always updated on the map in real time during the journey so that you can keep track of your cargo during transportation. Contact CargoLink Support Team if you need any assistance.
Acknowledgement and rating
Once the driver completes the shipment, please check the updated receipt on the app and confirm completion within 24 hours. Don't forget to rate the Owner and Driver to make the service even better.
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CargoLink Consignor

CargoLink already has a Consignor app on the App Store and Google Play, making it easy to use anytime, anywhere!