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CargoLink story
Every day, there are series of questions that carriers and consignors ask during the process of goods transportation.

These questions are the motivation for introduction of the CargoLink platform.

CargoLink is a freight exchange that connects haulage requirements of consignors and carriage services of carriers throughout the country.
“How to find a truck for carriage of my goods at a reasonable price?”

“Is this truck carrier guaranteed?”

“Wondering where the driver is now, has he delivered the goods yet?”
Mr. Nguyễn Văn An
“Is there any backhaul for return trip to get more revenue?”

“I have never served this consignor, how can I guarantee my freight payment?”…
Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Minh
Why choose CargoLink
Delivering and receiving goods has become easier than ever! Cargolink offers an excellent solution to connect and execute requirements of consignors with empty trucks on the way back throughout the country at the most transparent, guaranteed and safe manner.
Easy connection
All requests for goods transportation are easily and quickly connected with nationwide network of trucks.
Optimization of costs
Most of the transport requests are served with empty backhaul, therefore it reduces freight costs, improves profits for both consignors and carriers.
Full assurance
The movement of the shipment is continuously updated on the map. The consignors are fully assured and guaranteed of goods integrity.
Various payment methods
There are various secured payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit card, digital wallet, etc.
You are a consignor?
By placing a transport request on CargoLink Platform, the consignor can find a suitable truck easily and assure the security of the cargo during the journey.

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You are a carrier?
By using services on CargoLink Platform, the carriers will not be worried about empty backhaul and be assured a fast and secure payment.

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Download Application CargoLink
CargoLink Consignor

It is a free app for consignors to place a transport request and find a suitable truck for his/her shipment at an attractive freight and the earliest time.



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