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[CargoLink] Transporting Covid-19 vaccine handling toolkit

Maintaining the recommended temperatures of Covid-19 Vaccines is important to ensuring their quality. The Covid-19 vaccine can be transported to satelite facilities within a distance and timeframe consistent with standard operating procedures and these strategies from the World Health Organization (WHO). Let’s explore the rigorous shipping process of Covid-19 Vaccine with CargoLink through this article!


1. Temperature and time:

When transporting COVID-19 vaccine, validate the temperature whenever the storage container is opened. Minimize the total transport time to reduce potential risk for a temperature excursion due to a storage unit or thermal packaging system failure. A temperature monitoring device must be utilized in transport

2. Labeling:

When transporting COVID-19 Vaccine, labels should be adhered to the container in which the vaccine is transported in addition to the label for the pre-drawn syringes, to prevent errors during storage, transport, and administration.

3. Storage equipment:

Ensure adequate and timely supplies of storage equipment: refrigerators, portable freezers, qualified containers, insulation and standard temperature monitoring equipment,…

4. Container:

It is recommended that vaccines be transported by portable refrigerators or freezers with temperature monitoring equipment. If it is not available, qualified containers and pack-outs with temperature monitoring devices can be used. Note, use only the packaging provided by the manufacturer according to the instructions in the manufacturer’s label.

5. Protection:

Protect COVID-19 vaccines from theft and tampering, in the absence of medical supervision. Use special “tamper proof” measures such as: locks, tape, etc. on these containers as appropriate in the judgment of a healthcare practitioner.


1. Materials needed:

Temperature monitoring device
Wrap bubble or corrugated cardboard padding (minimum 1 inch thick) to create a barrier between the coolant and the pre-drawn syringe
Light-protected ziplock bag or similar container for pre-drawn Covid-19 vaccine syringes or vials
Ice pack or other coolant
Expanded polystyrene foam bin to maintain temperature
Cartons with hard surface or hard plastic to protect from damage during transit

2. Packing process:

Insulate the expanded polystyrene carton with bubble wrap or foam padding
Add an ice pack or other coolant
Add bubble wrap or foam padding
Add the light-protected container with the pre-retracted syringe or vial on top and in place.
Safe temperature monitoring device near container with pre-retracted syringe or vial for the most accurate temperature monitoring.
Place the expanded polystyrene foam container in the rigid plastic container to protect the vaccine during transport.
Close hard plastic containers or hard-surfaced crates.

3. After shipping

Record the exact time and temperature each time the container is opened.

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